Paterson Restoration Corporation (PRC)

The PRC's mission is to create opportunities for Paterson businesses - including equipment loans, relocation loans, or property development loans. The PRC enables businesses to grow and relocate to the city of Paterson.

Board Members: (Updated 2024)

Orlando Cruz Chairman Class C Permanent
Steven Rose Member Class B / Vice-Chair 12/31/2026
Tiffany Harris- Delaney Executive Director Permanent
Harvey Nutter Member Class B / Treasurer 13/31/2024
Mario Tommolilo Member Class B 12/31/2026
Matt Evans Member Class B 12/31/2026
George Mcloof Member Class B 12/31/2026
Abdul Hamdon  Member Class B 12/31/2025
Dipto Roy  Admin Adminstrative
 Linton Gaines  Member Class B  12/31/2025
Jabeen Ahmed Member Class B 12/31/2025
Robert Belmont Member Class A 13/31/2024
Derya Taskin Member Class A 12/31/2024
Jada Fulmore Member Class B 12/31/2025
Rocio Pena Member Class B 12/31/2024
Kenneth Rosado Member Class A 12/31/2024
Latrese Verdina Admin
Barbara Testin Accountant
Tom Cangiolosi Counsel
Jamie Dykes Advisor