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The City of Paterson in cooperation with the NJ State Park Service, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, invite you participate in the design process for a new state park located close to the Great Falls in Paterson!

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Paterson Vista State Park is a new urban state park located in the City of Paterson close to the Great Falls National Park that provides spectacular views of the Paterson area and beyond!

The 6.4-acre parkland was purchased by the State of NJ in 2016 and is now being designed in preparation for construction later this year. The park concept plan envisions numerous passive recreational amenities appropriate for all ages, and will be open to all.

Members of the public are invited to participate in Vista Park's design process by browsing the three design concepts below, followed by taking a brief, anonymous survey to provide the designers with input and reactions. Scroll down this page to see the concepts and survey link.

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Vista Park Public Comment Period Flyer

BACKGROUND: In 2016, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's (NJDEP) Green Acres Program acquired 8.4 acres of vacant land on the cliff overlooking the City of Paterson and Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park (GFNP). This acquisition assures the use of the property as public open space in perpetuity.  It creates a continuous network of publicly-owned land along the plateau on the north side of the river, extending from the Great Falls to Ryle Avenue. The purpose of the Green Acres purchase is to permanently protect the GFNP and the Great Falls National Historic Landmark District (NHL) from negative visual impacts that private development would have. This is the largest parcel of dedicated public open space established in Paterson since the city's purchase of Eastside and Westside Parks in the 1880s!

Vista Pano 2Although the property will remain under the ownership and overall management of the NJ Division of Parks & Forestry, the City of Paterson has entered into a special use agreement to make plans and redevelop the park. The City of Paterson, the State of NJ, and the National Park Service will work in partnership on plans and redevelopment of the new park as a hilltop destination for quiet recreation in a natural setting, such as walking, jogging, scenic enjoyment, while also offering opportunities for small social gatherings and children's play, special events, exhibitions, and school educational use.

The park offers city residents and visitors an opportunity to experience dramatic views of the city, the national park, and even the Manhattan skyline.

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To DOWNLOAD a summary of the Master Plan, please click here!


The preliminary plans offers three alternative concepts for the park, illustrated below. We encourage you to study the concepts and think about what you would like to see happen at the park.  We ask you to let us know which alternative you like the best out of all three.

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and to share your thoughts with us! 

Vista Park Concept Plan A

Vista Park Concept Plan B

Vista Park Concept Plan C

Please click here to take a brief survey

and to share your thoughts with us!