Legal Notice


GENERAL PURPOSE: The City of Paterson has created this Search System with the purpose of providing Patersonians and others with free and convenient access to "assessment records." 

ALTERNATE AVAILABILITY: Those public records continue to be available through the office of the City of Paterson Tax Assessor. 

POTENTIAL USERS: The "assessment records" may be of interest to persons who need certain information relating to this City's property taxes, land values, and/or building values. 

ADVICE IS NOT INTENDED: However, it is not the City's purpose to provide legal or financial advice.

BEFORE YOU RELY, VERIFY: It also not the City's purpose to invite users to rely absolutely on the information provided: any data may potentially be the result of human error or system error, and accordingly one should not rely upon the data unless, by the use of any reasonable and appropriate means, the user verifies it

I have read and understood the "Nature and Purpose of this Database," and I wish to proceed.