The Director of Finance is the Chief Financial Officer of the City of Paterson. The director is the head of the department and, as such, shall supervise and direct all of the operations within the Department of Finance. Additionally, the Finance Director serves as the Custodian of School Funds.

The Department of Finance encompasses the centralized municipal finance organization. It provides the framework for the financial support of the City departments and statutory agencies and also assists in providing cost effective services to the taxpayers.

Marge Cherone, CFOMarge Cherone
Director of Finance

The major financial functions of the department include tax assessment, tax collection, accounting, treasury management, internal auditing, debt management and various billing functions such as sewer fees and ambulance fees. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for general financial matters such as bond issuance, investments and revenue analysis, to name a few.

The financial functions as well as the responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer are performed and implemented with the assistance of six divisions.