Parking Authority

The Authority is a public body politic and corporate, organized and existing under the parking authority law. Constituting chapter 198 of the pamphlet laws of 1948, of the State of New Jersey, approved July 2, 1948, as amended and supplemented (The "Act") and created by virtue of an ordinance of the Board of Public Works of the City of Paterson adopted on October 7, 1948. Pursuant to the above referenced ordinance, the City of Paterson has granted the Authority with the exclusive right to operate all city owned parking facilities.

Tony Perez, Executive DirectorTony Perez
Executive Director

The Authority was created for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, maintaining and operating parking facilities to alleviate traffic congestion caused by excessive parking on the streets of the city and to improve the movement of traffic in the city.
The Authority owns and operates 13 off-street parking facilities of which 4 are leased by the Authority and 9 are owned by the Authority. 3,068 parking spaces are provided by the aforesaid sites and parking garages. The authority owns approximately 800 parking meters on streets, but the city owns the stanchions upon which they are placed along the streets in the city and the city fixes meter rates. Revenues from the street parking meters go to the Authority and parking fines are revenue for the city.

The Authority is governed by a Board consisting of seven commissioners.