Mayor's Office

The Chief of Staff is responsible for leading key strategic initiatives for the Mayor, ranging from the City's annual Transitional Aid application, the 2020 Census, communications, government and private grant funding, and innovation/good governance efforts.

Alongside the Business Administrator, she stewards the City's relationship with the oversight monitors from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. The Chief of Staff also helps lead regular cabinet meetings of the City's leadership team.

Chief of Staff Kathleen Long
Della McCall-Fischer

Chief of Staff

The Office of Constituent Services manages efforts to address individual constituent concerns.

Constituent Services also manages the Quality of Life Task Force, an inter-departmental group which goes into different neighborhoods of the city on a weekly basis to enforce city regulations, and the Green Team, a volunteer group which plans regular community clean-ups throughout Paterson.

Javier FernandezJavier Fernandez
Constituent Services