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Environmental Health provides a unique array of services including inspections and investigations. They handle complaints such as no heat, rodent/vermin infestations, consumer complaints on retail and wholesale food establishments as well as the shutting off of utilities due to non-payment by the Landlord.
They provide licensing for all retail food establishments including temporary food stands. They inspect pools, day camps, aftercare programs, nutrition sites, homeless shelters and housing for lead.
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It is required by New Jersey State Law Chapter 12 that all persons who prepare or serve food in a retail food establishment take a Food Handler's Course. This course instructs participants in the Proper Handling of Food, Limiting Cross Contamination, Personal Hygiene, Time and Temperature Control and the use of the HACCP principle with regard to the preparation of food for retail consumption.

The Division of Health also offers a Food Handler's Course in Spanish. The course can be provided in languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Korean but these courses are by appointment only. If we do not offer a language that is the participant's primary language, we ask that they bring a translator along.

Persons who do not work serving or preparing food in a retail food establishment can also take the course. It is highly recommended that Houses of Worship that regularly have dinners or serve food to the needy population, as well as organizations that host "bake sales" send persons who prepare or handle food to this course. Food handlers tips for the home

Food Handlers Course 2014 Schedule English

Food Handlers Course 2014 Schedule Spanish

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