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     The Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center provides a variety of services to educators, students and researchers. Information from the Center's archives are available for review, and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer questions and assist in research.
     A selection of information is made available by the Center and is updated regularly. Topics of articles and images in our archives are: area geology, the John Holland submarines, the silk industry, history and rehabilitation of historic mill buildings, formation of the Great Falls National Historic District, development of the Raceway system and hydroelectric station, as well as information on various other subjects of Paterson's history and its prominent persons.
     Additionally, self-guided walking tour brochures of both the Great Falls National Historic Landmark District and the Downtown Commercial Historic District are available. A self-guided walking tour brochure is also available on the public sculpture of Gaetano Federici, which is viewable with easy access throughout the historic and downtown districts.

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