Food Handlers Tips For The Home

Always wash hands for 20 seconds with soap, water and a single use paper towel before eating or preparing food.
Never defrost food on countertops. Food will sit in the temperature danger zone of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for too long possibly creating enough "germs" to get someone really sick.
Defrost items in the refrigerator or by running cold water over it.
Don't drive around with groceries in the car. Take them home, put them away, then drive around.
Don't place bags, pocketbooks, backpacks, shoes, etc. on kitchen countertops or tables. They could have dirt on them and you could transfer that to your food.
Wash everything before cooking or eating it.
Cooking to the proper temperature (over 140 degrees Fahrenheit) kills bacteria. Refrigerating at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or Freezing at 0 degrees Fahrenheit only "slows the growth of germs"
Do not use wood utensils or cutting boards, Germs get in and they don't get out! Use acrylic cutting boards and stainless steel utensils
Use a food thermometer
Clean your refrigerator and freezer on a regular basis
Always clean and disinfect countertops and tables after use.
Never sit on tables or countertops
Never smoke while preparing or serving food
Only reheat leftovers once. Reheat to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Throw them out after that!
Wash all "fruits and veggies" by putting them in a strainer and letting water run over them for one minute. Then towel dry with a single use paper towel.
Wash all melons and fruits with rinds. Cut open with a clean knife.
Never, ever use sponges%u2026.(Only to wash cars)
Serve, eat and store food within 2 hours. After that germs will develop rapidly.
Cover cuts with bandages.
Never sample fruits or veggies in the produce isle before washing them. People have been touching them, sneezing on them and who knows what else!
Did you know that it is not a requirement in the State of New Jersey for Foodhandler's to wear latex gloves? Most people put on one pair and wear them the entire day, never changing them or washing their hands. The requirement in the State of New Jersey is to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap, water and dry with a single use paper towel. How do you know if you're washing hands for 20 seconds? Sing Row, Row, Row your Boat or Happy Birthday to Me twice!

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Food Handlers Tips For The Home

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