Paterson Transit-Oriented Development Plan

A transit-oriented development (tod) plan is defined as intensified development around a transit facility that is compact, mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly.  The development is intended to encourge transit ridership.  With the rising costs and increasing traffic congestion with urban centers, national trends demonstrate the land value around transit stations grow in value over time.
The purpose of the plan is to determine the most efficient land use for various parcels from a comprehensive perspective.  By identifying the the type of land use best for the area, redevelopment initiatives can be more successful. 
The New Jersey Office of Smart Growth has given the City of Paterson a grant to develop a TOD Plan around the Ward Street train station.  With the assistance of Heyer Gruel and Associates, the Department of Community Development met with several groups of stakeholders to begin to define the boundaries for the City's TOD Plan.
Proposed plan development timeline (more information soon)

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