Assessment Records - Instructions

  1. Fill in the street or block and lot numbers (if available) for the property you are interested in. Then click "Submit Search".

  2. Within a few seconds a page will appear containing a list of all the properties on the street you selected.

  3. Click on "More Info" located on the left of the property you are interested in. Within a few seconds another page will appear.

- The "UPPER PORTION" of this page displays detailed data about the property you selected.

- The "LOWER PORTION" of this page (titled "Recent Sales") displays actual sales (within the previous 12 months); first within the neighborhood of the property you selected and then expanding outside that neighborhood. This information supplies you with the property location, sales date, sale price, block number, and lot number for each property.


If you are using this information to file a tax appeal:
You should use current comparable sales which took place prior to October 1st of the previous year.

  1. Print a hard copy of the page.
  2. Take the page and survey the neighborhood looking at the homes listed.
  3. Identify which homes most closely resemble your own.
  4. Select at least 3 and no more than 5.
  5. This information may be helpful in completing the sales section of your tax appeal form.