The Paterson Museum Presents - “Paterson Eco-Chic” An Eco-Friendly Fashion Exhibition

The Paterson Museum Presents “Paterson Eco-Chic”
An Eco-Friendly Fashion Exhibition

The Paterson Museum - "Paterson Eco-Chic" Press Release

The Paterson Museum - "Paterson Eco-Chic" Information Flyer

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On September 17, 2017, the Paterson Museum will open its doors to its first fashion exhibition, titled Paterson Eco-Chic.

The exhibit will showcase 16 designs made with recyclable, discarded and upcycled materials donated by the City of Paterson ’s manufacturing companies, such as Les Metalliers Champenois, Accurate Box, Greenbaum Interiors, Feldman Brothers, and more.

“As a museum with roots in the industrial history of the City of Paterson, such as cotton and silk, we are excited to expand our lens to look at fashion, ”says Museum Director Giacomo Destefano. Featuring creative and alternative approaches to confronting textile industry waste, “Paterson Eco-Chic” showcases the work of students, artists and award winning theater designer Victoria Pero. The event highlights contemporary fashion, while embracing sustainability and recycling.

Made possible, in part, by a grant from the Passaic County Cultural & Heritage Council, students and artists were given the challenge to produce runway looks utilizing upholstery fabrics, metal, plastic, paper and Paterson’s thrift shop recyclable fabrics.

“Young designers from all levels of society can be empowered to create something extraordinary from objects deemed worthless. Give a child the power to make something from nothing and they will have all they need -- imagination, problem-solving, collaboration skills, self-confidence and a deep love for design to make the world a better place, ”says Co-Director of the Performing Arts at Bergen County Academies, Victoria Pero.

Designs are drawn from images of Victorian Fashion at the height of Paterson's most fashionable era combined with current trends seen in the rich and multicultural immigrant communities, currently based in Paterson.

“Our exhibition explores a conversation between past and present, traditional craftsmanship and the blurred lines of fashion and (contemporary) art, with a focus on citizenship engagement,” says Cristina Deutsch, Exhibit Curator. “As we celebrate the creative intersections between art and environment, we anticipate that the Paterson Museum grounds will be the ideal public canvas to feature art from regional artists that will bring greater attention to the importance of sustainability,” says Deutsch.

The Paterson Museum is located within the Great Falls Historical National Park district and housed in the site of a locomotive factory, the former Thomas Rogers Building. Throughout its permanent display, audiences will be able to appreciate ingenious utilization of discarded materials in the creation of wearable art.

“This project will allow the Museum to continue to explore the role of culture and the arts
in the global debate on environmental sustainability ,”says Destefano.

The grand opening reception on September 17 will include a special fashion runway show presented by the Berkeley College Fashion Club of Woodland Park, a student-run organization that arranges events and charity initiatives to provide students ways to explore their interests in the fashion industry.

“The Fashion Merchandising and Management program at Berkeley College aims to help students cultivate a business intellect along with a sense of fashion,” says Professor William Filerino, PhD, Fashion Merchandising and Management, Berkeley College Larry L. Luing School of Business. “Developing this fashion show gives our students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in class into practice, and gain real-world experience that will prepare them for dynamic careers.”

This FREE event will be open to the public on September 17, 2017 from 1-4 PM at: The Paterson Museum, 2 Market Street, Paterson, NJ 07501

Media Contact: Cristina Deutsch, or 201.543.4085

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