RAP: Registered Vacant & Abandoned Properties (RAP) are defined by Ordinance No. 14-004 of the City of Paterson.

Page number one of the Ordinance defines these properties as ‘properties that cause severe harm to the health, safety and general welfare of the community, including diminution of neighboring property values, loss of property tax revenues, accumulations of trash and debris, increased risk of fire, and potential increases in criminal activity and public health risks’.

Page two section I continues to define Vacant Property owners that ‘Upon the vacancy of any structure, the owner or agent or responsible person as defined by this chapter shall remove from the structure all combustible waste materials, refuse, garbage, debris and all other items that my prove a health hazard and securely board and lock all openings against trespass for a long as the structure remains unoccupied. When a structure is securely is securely boarded pursuant to this section, the boards shall be painted the same color as the structure. Such vacant and/or abandoned structures shall be immediately reported to the public officer of the city or the Coordinator of Community Improvements.

Please be aware that this RAP list is not 100% accurate, both the Division of Community Improvements and the Department of Economic Development receive notifications of change of ownership, property going into foreclosure on a daily basis.

Abandoned Properties Ordinance, July 15, 2020

Public Notice: Registered Vacant & Abandoned Properties, May 5, 2020

Public Notice: Registered Vacant & Abandoned Properties, June 6, 2020

2020 Listing of Vacant & Abandoned Properties