Paterson Historic Preservation Commission

The Commission is a municipal statutory body of seven regular members and two alternate members with diverse qualifications/experience related to historic architecture, building design, construction and materials, as well as history. At least two are professional members who practice architecture, engineering, architectural history, or historic architecture. Other members may also have academic accomplishments and experiences in these fields, and have demonstrated a knowledge or an interest in the history and heritage of Paterson. Most members are Paterson residents. All members serve as volunteers and are appointed by the Mayor, serving four-year (regulars) or two-year (alternates) terms.

  • The Commission is charged with evaluating, promoting, and preserving the City's historic environment. This is accomplished through a variety of programs, such as historic landmark designation, seasonal educational tours, events, and the annual Historic Preservation Awards.
  • The Commission is empowered with a specific role in municipal land use and building permits with respect to applications for proposed alterations to the exterior of structures within any municipally-designated historic district, or on any municipally-designated individual landmark or site. To carry this out, the Commission advises the Division of Planning and Zoning, the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment on zoning applications for development, and also reviews all building permit applications presented through the Division of Community Improvements. Applicants can download design standards, design guidelines and application forms from the Document Center link on this page. All posted historic preservation related documents and forms begin with the identifier "HPC." The application forms are PDF files that can be filled out directly on your computer through Adobe Acrobat Reader v9.0 or higher. Please visit the Division of Historic Preservation website for applications, design guidelines and further information about the review process.
  • The Commission meets on the third or fourth Monday of each month in a public session to conduct its business. A schedule of regular meeting dates is published annually, and agendas for the each meeting are posted in advance at the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 3rd Floor. Meetings are held at the Great Falls Welcome Center, 65 McBride Ave. Ext., Paterson, NJ 07501, convening at 6:30PM. All are invited to attend.

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 Members of the Historic Preservation Commission

Mohammed Ahmed, Chair

Kelly C. Ruffel, Vice Chair

Nakima Redmon

Kenneth A. Simpson

William C. Tate

Richard Walter

Joanne V. Wiley

Maribel Garcia-Leon, Alternate

Joyce A. Corbo, Alternate


 Staff of the Historic Preservation Commission

Gianfranco Archimede, Executive Director

For further assistance and information, please contact the HPC Staff at 973.321.1220 ext 2263.

or go to visit the Division of Historic Preservation website.