City Council

City Council

The City of Paterson Municipal Council was created as a result of a 1974 decision to change its form of government from a 1907 statute-based form, to a Faulkner Act Plan-D Mayor-Council Form.

The 1907 statute-based form consisted of various boards. A Board of Aldermen, Board of Finance, Board of Health, Board of Public Works, Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

The Mayor-Council plan consisted of a Mayor and Nine (9) Council members, Six (6) of the members that sit on the Municipal Council represent the Six Wards of the City. The three (3) remaining members are members At-Large. The Municipal Council has the responsibility of reviewing and approving Municipal legislation.

Under the Mayor-Council plan, the Mayor is the chief executive and is responsible for administering the City's activities. The Mayor is elected for a four (4) year term by the citizens and is responsible for them. His function includes enforcing the charter and the ordinances and laws passed by the City Council. The Mayor appoints all department heads including the business administrator, with the advise and consent of the Council He may also remove and or all department heads after giving them notice and an opportunity to be heard.

With the assistance of the business administrator, the Mayor is responsible for preparation of the municipal budget. He submits the budget to the Council along with a detailed analysis of expenditures and revenues. The Council may reduce any item or items in the budget by a majority vote, but can only increase an item by a two-thirds vote.

City Council Members

 Michael Jackson Councilman Gilman Choudhury
Michael Jackson
First Ward
Office: (973) 321-1250
Shahin Khalique
Second Ward
Office: (973) 321-1250
Councilman McKoy Councilwoman Cotton
Alex Mendez
Third Ward
Office: (973) 321-1250
Ruby Cotton
Fourth Ward
Office: (973) 321-1250
Luis Velez Al_Abdelaziz
Luis Velez
Fifth Ward
Office: (973) 321-1250
Alaa "Al" Abdelaziz
Sixth Ward
(973) 321-1250
Councilman Rodriguez Dr. Lilisa Mimms
Maritza Davila
Councilwoman At-Large
Office: (973) 321-1250
Dr. Lilisa Mimms
Council Vice President
Councilwoman At-Large
Office: (973) 321-1250
Councilman McDaniel  
Flavio Rivera
Council President
Councilman At-Large
Office: (973) 321-1250